Zëbra is more a collection of Art, than a Brand. Wearable art. All pieces being one of a kind, each article has unique features making them just as individual as you.

Hand-silk screened, sewn or embroidered by ourselves, we have full creative control.
During our journey, we have learned and perfected the art of silkscreening, sewing, knitting, and embroidering. Creating has always been apart of who we are, now it can be apart of who you are.

We look at clothing as a canvas and not a billboard. What canvas will you wear?

Why the name Zëbra?
     All of the stripes on a zebra are unique just like our products, no two are identical! We love to make clothes that make people feel comfortable and confident. When your wearing Zëbra you can know you will never see someone wearing that identical product. All of our creations are inspired by our love for art, and combining it with fashion.

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