Skyline Series

Growing up in Muskoka has given me a great appreciation for landscapes and trees. There have been countless times where I find myself standing in our field at night looking up at the amazing sky with the pine tree tops framing my view and I say to myself "Wow, how do I put that on a shirt?" So one day I came up with an idea. I went out to our field in the day and took a few high res photos of the tree line. I went back to my computer and pulled one into photoshop, I upped the contrast and then made it black and white. It was then that I realized I could make the shirt look like any kind of sky, day or night and then add the tree line to put it into perspective.  The skyline series was born!

We use different dyeing techniques to create the sky's or some we just leave a solid colours for a crisp Muskokan tree line. The shirts that are not dyed all have different logo placement or we switch up the colour to ensure they are all unique!

-Matty Mclachlan